About Us

The home of theatregoers writing their own show reviews.

The idea behind the creation of Theatre Reviewers came out of the many discussions with our theatre-going friends who are enthusiastic and vocal supporters of the theatre and the joy it brings to their lives.

My brother, Des and I and our friend Lawrence were looking for a new project to work on and having read the many challenges that the theatre world has been through over the last two years, thought that we could create a useful site for both theatre-goers and theatres themselves.

Although there are many independent blogs and ticket-selling sites there are few places where ordinary theatre-goers can tell others what their experience and thoughts about the play or musical was like.

We have created two ways for theatre-goers to make their voice heard. The first is a “First Impression” - a quick and easy way to say a few words, with tags and a points/star award system. The second way is a full review which appears on the Members Review page together with a picture that they choose from the show.

We also encourage theatres to add their current and up-coming shows, and give them feedback from our sentiment analysis about what members thought of their show. We hope that the theatres will encourage their audiences to leave a review on Theatre Reviewers to help them promote their productions.

We’re here to build a community of enthusiastic theatre-goers to support the theatres that they love.

Des and Kelvin Sollis